Microsoft Access Training Camp at Lake Tahoe!

September 1-3, 2020 - South Lake Tahoe - Map

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Join us for a 3-day training on Microsoft Access, with a specific focus on how to practically meet the needs of your tribal program, including the tracking of data, generating reports and capturing statistics on the fly.  Though each participant covers their travel and lodging costs, the training itself and the related training materials are FREE to current clients of Aventure Technology, Inc.  By current, we are referring to any tribal department that has purchased or upgraded a database system with us in the last five years. For any other participants that are not currently in a business relationship with Aventure, the training is $950 per individual.
The Access Training Camp takes place in the first week of September (9/1-3/2020) in South Lake Tahoe, a 75-minute drive southwest of the Reno International airport, whether traveled along the fantastic scenic route up Mt. Rose and along the Nevada side of the lake or via a slightly more direct route through Carson City. Participants would need to arrange their own transportation and lodging.  A list of resources and other information will be provided as we compile the details.
The Access Training Camp will provide a quick overview of the Case Management System used by your tribal court or other tribal department, with emphasis on the use of queries to generate specific data of interest to you. By the end of the training, your familiarity and ability to juggle data easily in Access will be significant, and you will have first-hand skills on how to create a full-fledged database system from scratch.
I have led multiple trainings in the past with consistently excellent feedback. This will not be a dry training that you might have experienced elsewhere, where the course instructor reads from the teacher’s guide. This is a dynamic training designed to maximize your use of your new or existing database products, given from someone who actually designs systems that are used on a daily basis all over the country.

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Thank you for your time and attention!

Destin Richter

Aventure Technology, Inc.
IT Support & Database Design

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